Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Four Patch Block #4

Fort St John

Blocks in rows and columns can sometimes be monotonous. So once in a while I like to design a quilt with offset blocks.

The four patch block I designed for this quilt is named after Fort St John. It's in northern BC, not far from the Alberta border.

Fort St John was designed on a 4x4 grid. Four 3" squares are combined to make a unit and four units are combined to make the block.

The four squares are straightforward enough. The first two would probably be best paper pieced.

It's always interesting to change the colors of a block. What if the colors of Fort St John are changed?

I think this makes a pleasant table runner.


  1. So if you flip this, will the illusion of it being tilted go the other way? Or maybe it is me that is on tilt this morning?!
    Love what you are doing...

  2. Elsie

    If by flip you mean rotate it, then no, the tilt will still be to the right.

    If by flip you mean mirror image it, then yes, the tilt will then be to the left.

    In either case there is no escaping the tilt, so learn to live with it.