Friday, November 23, 2012

To Be Continued..... Part 4

There are 29 letters in this quilt from 29 alphabets. They may look involved and complicated but none of them are. Take a close look and what do you see? Straight seams that anyone can sew. Diagonal seams at 45 degrees that can be made using the connector corner method, sometimes called sew and flip, which anyone can do. And that's it.

The one exception is the first A and it can be paper pieced quite easily.

This P is from my alphabet Riley Park.

It is a light alphabet with narrow strokes. Notice that the 45 degree corner cuts are on both the inside and ouside of the corner.

For more about Riley Park go to
15 February 2010.

I can't find this Q in my files anywhere. I have a vague suspicion that I just made it up because I needed a Q for the quilt and the alphabets with interesting Q's had already been done. In which case there is no alphabet to go with it.

The tricky part in designing a Q is to find a simple way to do the swash in the bottom right corner.

This R is from my alphabet Inglewood.

Actually there is no R, it's gone and only its shadow remains. One nice thing about this alphabet is there is no need for space between the letters. The letters can be placed up against each other and the shadows provide the necessary separation.

For more about Inglewood go to
19 April 2010.

This S is from my alphabet Prominence Point.

The mind can play some amazing tricks. In point of fact, there is nothing here but a bunch of square dots scattered about. But your mind insists on seeing an S.

For more Prominence Point go to
1 March 2010 and 2 March 2010.

This T is from my alphabet Queensland.

One of the things calligraphers do is to write at a 45 degree angle using a broad flat C nib. This alphabet tries to approximate that sort of calligraphy in a very simple style.

For more about Queensland go to
30 August 2010.

To be continued.....

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