Thursday, November 22, 2012

To Be Continued..... Part 3

There are 29 letters on the front of this quilt that I named To Be Continued.... Each one is from a different alphabet. When they are all together like this, it is easy to over look one or two.  So I've decided to show them to you one at a time, starting  2 days ago.

This K is from my alphabet Glenmore.

Glenmore is a heavy alphabet made with wide verticals. The way the two halves of the letter touch but do not join is characteristic of this alphabet.

For more about Glenmore go to
17 May 2010.

This L is from my alphabet University Heights.

The square serifs give this alphabet the sort of look you expect to see on school team jerseys. That influenced my choice of name.

For more about University Heights go to 25 October 2010.

This M is from my alphabet Highway 1A.

This is a stencil alphabet with the vertical gaps filled in. Most of the letters in this alphabet have a line down the center much like the centerline of a highway.

For  more about Highway 1A go to
20 December 2010.

This N is from my alphabet Beltline.

This alphabet features stitching all around the outside of the letters. This is the sort of thing you often find on sport jerseys. The stitching actually looks better in person than it does in this photo.

For more about Beltline go to
18 January 2010.

This O is from my alphabet Mission.

It is an olde calligraphy style alphabet that includes decorative stitching as part of the letters.

For more about Mission go to
24 May 2010.

To be continued.....


  1. I love all the alphabets and would like to see more, but none of the links works for me. They all say "invalid security token" when I try to see them. Are they on a restricted site?

  2. Hi Wayne, I love these, but the links are not working for me. Is it my computer? I tried "Mission" and got "invalid token" or something like that. Mmmm...

  3. The problem is me. I'm not truly computer compatable.

    I linked to the preview page instead of to the archive page.

    I've redone them all the right way (I hope) and there is chance that they might work now.

    If they don't I'll have to get professional help.

  4. Yay! They worked for me! Thanks so much, and happy Thanksgiving!