Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Broken Dishes  (See also: 26 January 2010)

I used these two Broken Dishes blocks to create this quilt top.

Now I want to make it longer so that I can put it on a bed

What if I copy the strip in the center and add it to either end of the quilt top?

If I assume that the small squares are 3" x 3", this will make a 5' x 7' quilt, which is just fine for a queen size bed.

I am intrigued by the fact that this quilt, intricate as it is, was made using only 3 different half-square triangle squares that were joined to make 2 different Broken Dishes blocks.  An occasional plain block was added to fill in the gaps.


  1. What excites me is that this quilt is growing in size and the design appears to be quite intricate but the techniques required are still simple and basic.

  2. Judy

    You're right about the sewing techniques needed for this quilt top being basic. If you can sew straight seams, if you can sew half-square triangles, and if you can sew pinwheels, you can sew this.

  3. My, how clever this is. I was sent to you by LC ... glad she gave me your site! I'll be back. This layout of Broken Dishes is so simple, so interesting. 8-)

  4. Elaine

    I'm glad you like it. It's amazing how complex something simple can get. But if you focus on the simple origins it's not so complex after all.

    I look foreward to hearing from you again.