Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Ohio Star

Ohio Star is a simple block that has the potential to do wonderful things.  I want to see what kind of quilting I can devise for it.
What if I simply echo quilt all around the outside of the star?

This is more exciting.  What does it look like in combination with other Ohio Stars?
What if I place 4 Ohio Star blocks so that their corners touch?
When I echo quilt around them negative shapes are formed that add interest to the design.

What if I stipple the white background?

This will make the stars stand out.  I like it.

There are 2 kinds of quilting in this design - foreground quilting and background quilting. This is a common occurance in piecing; the purple fabric forms stars in the foreground, the white fabric exists as background.  This is not common in quilting, usually the quilting creates a background texture and is secondary to the pieced pattern.  However in this case it's different; the echo quilting is dark and combines with the purple fabric to create the foreground image; the stippling is light and creates a texture on the white background.

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