Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Log Cabin Block (See also 2 February 2010)

Given a Log Cabin block my first thought is to fill the triangular spaces with triangles.  But I'm allowed more than one thought; so now I'm going to try something else.
What if I try something less geometrical and a little more organic?
I don't know what to call this shape.  You might think of it as leaves, or feathers, or strange flowers.  It doesn't matter. 

What does matter is that it helps to emphasize and give definition to the quilt pattern.
What if I try a quilt design that originates in a different corner of the triangular space?
This is more delicate but no less effective than the previous motif.


  1. These are very interesting too! Thanks for the good ideas. I'm enjoying your blog!

  2. I like the last one ...... more than the one I liked in the previous post of quilting designs for Log Cabin blocks.
    Judy B

  3. Elsie
    I am glad you're enjoying my blog. I am too. And I'm enjoying designing quilting for for Log Cabin blocks. Expect to see more. Thanks for the challenge

  4. Judy

    Like you, I am always comparing designs and deciding which I like better. When I've decided, I then find myself asking "Why?" What is it about one design that makes it better than another? If I can answer that question, I know it will help me be a better designer.

    So now I'm going to ask you to help make me a better designer. Why do you like the "shuttlecock" design (I have to call it something)better than the "butterfly" design?