Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing with Piecing

Nine Patch Quilt 

On 24 January 2010 I added the border to this quilt. Before I sew the quilt I have to decide in what order I want to piece it.

This was designed using a Nine Patch block.  But it doesn't have to be pieced using Nine Patch blocks.
What if I start by piecing the border as 8 separate strips?

I'll have to take care to see that the seams are pressed the right way.  And I'll have to do some pinning to be sure that the seams line up.

What if I divide the top into 5 columns and 5 rows?

This gives me some repeat units, such as the 4 small black and light green Nine Patch blocks, and the 12 small black and green I-don't-know-what-to-call-it blocks. 

In addition there are green and light green blocks of various sizes.

What if I divide the various green blocks into horizontal strips?
This allows me to sew all the strips at one time. And then to cut them all at once.  This kind of mass production will save me time.

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  1. Neat design... except those colors! I know, you did it so it would be easier to see on my monitor?!

  2. Elsie

    It's sweet of you to offer me a way to save face; but the truth is I like the colors.

    At least, I like the colors I see on my monitor; I'm never sure what the colors actually look like on other people's monitors. I remember reading a blog where someone was commenting on how much she liked a quilt because pink was her favorite color; the quilt she was talking about definitely looked purple on my screen.

    So, either your not seeing what I'm seeing, or you don't like lime green and black.