Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playing with Borders

Broken Dishes  (See also: 19 January 2010)

This quilt motif was made using 2 version of a Broken Dishes block.  I like this motif, but it needs more; it needs a border.
What if I create an inner border using the green and beige Broken Dishes blocks in a wavy chain?

This definitely looks better. The space is more defined but it is still incomplete; it needs more border than this.
What if I add a plain border and then a second green chain?

This looks good. It looks complete.

The outer border could use a little more work.  It's  too regular, too predictable, for my taste.
What if I create breaks in the center of each side?

This is interesting but it's not quite right yet.
What if I make the outer border more closely reflect the shapes of the inner border?

This is it.  There is a rhythm to the border now that was lacking before.  There isn't a great difference between the 3 versions, but I like this one best.


  1. Cool! What software are you using? I may have asked already?? Also for the birdhouses. That is such a great idea!

  2. Elsie

    I use Paint. It is a very simple drawing program. Unfortunately it won't let me do some things I would like to do, such as make global color changes, but I've learned to work around that.

    EQ6 is an excellent design program for most people. I have it but I don't use it. (For the reasons see my comments 29 January 2010)

    Designing by computer is the easiest way to go these days and good software can definitely make things even easier. But in the end it's not the computer, or the software that does the designing; it's a person.

    Any one can design. It doesn't matter whether its with fabric on a design wall, with paper and pencil, or with a computer. It's fun any way you do it.