Friday, February 19, 2010

Playing with Borders

Oh Susannah Quilt


These three blocks were used to make this quilt top.  It's time to give it a border.
What if I connect the blue ends, finishing the pattern in the border?

What if I add an outer border with a yellow checkerboard and a blue stripe?

The trouble with finishing the pattern in the border is that the pattern didn't need finishing.  I just made a busy quilt busier.  It was fine the way it was.
What if I try a blue checkerboard border?

This is simpler but it doesn't work either.  It doesn't really relate to the design all that well and so it looks out of place.
What if I try stacking 3 blue borders?

This is plain and simple so it doesn't compete with the intricate quilt pattern.  I think it finishes it off nicely.

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