Thursday, February 18, 2010

Playing with Piecing


I want to use this lion's face as a quilt block so now I have to work out how I'm going to piece it.

I've drawn it on a grid to make it easier to determine were to place my seam lines.

The eyes, mouth and whiskers are shown in red because I'm going to stitch those.
I'll show my seam lines in blue.

What if I do the obvious and crop to the lion's face?

What if I draw 2 horizontal blue lines and divide the face into 3 sections?
For the next phase I'll show the seam lines in orange.

What if I divide the top and bottom sections in half?

What if I frame the face in the middle section like this?
This time I'll show the seam lines in green.

What if I divide the face in the niddle section into 3 sections?

What if I divide the nose section with 2 horizontal lines?
When I color this in I get what I think is a pretty good looking lion.

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