Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing with Letters

From My Pieced Alphabet:

Riley Park

How can you indicate roundness in letters without using curved piecing?

It's easy; 45 degree corners read as rounded.  This is the most obvious solution.  It is done all the time and it works very well.

In most pieced alphabets the outside of a corner is cut at 45 degrees and the inside is 90 degrees.  The result of this is letters that are narrower in the corners.

There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes you want something that is a little more sophisticated.
What if corners are cut at 45 degrees both inside and outside?

The result is letters with a constant stroke width.It is a small improvement but it can be an important one.  It is also more work.

I would save an alphabet like Riley Park for more formal quilts. It would be a good choice for a 50th wedding anniversary quilt.  There's no need to use it on a kid's bed quilt.

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