Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yellow-Headed Blackbird

This is my first attempt at designing a pieced block featuring a Yellow-headed Blackbird.

I thought it looked fine until I colored it in and then it looked way too fat.

What if I bring the wings in closer to the body?

It's still too fat; and now this bird looks like it has a broken tail. Plus, there are too many sharp angles.

What if I line up the tail with the back, flatten the chest, and then flatten the underside?

This is starting to look good. It's still a little chubby and the top of the head can come down a bit.

What if I simplify the neck line?

This makes it simpler to piece.

When I break the drawing down into its major sections, I can see there is nothing here I can't piece easily.

I like how my Yellow-headed Blackbird pieces and I like how it looks; so I am happy.

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