Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing with Colors

Log Cabin

The other day (28 May 2010)  I had fun turning Log Cabin blocks into spirals. I want to try it again today.

What if I start with this black spiral and red center?

What if I do the traditional thing and split the block in half diagonally? I can color one half green and one half purple.

What if I use this block in a traditional setting and create diamonds?

I like this effect. The black recedes and the colors come forward.

What if I replace the greens with light purples?

What if I put 2 of these blocks together and rotate one 90 degrees?

What if I repeat the double block 8 times to make a square?

The dark purples feel to me as if they are in shade; the light purples as if they are in sunlight. The result  is three dimensional with a bit of a twist. So, of course, I like it.

For more Log Cabin ideas go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Log Cabin.


  1. I really like the last version - the light purples come forward so nicely, it looks like an optical illusion. You have so great ideas - I love the way your mind works! By the way, *what if* we wanted to make one of your ideas? I don't want to infringe or take advantage by selling any patterns of it - just want to see it in fabric! Would that be alright?

  2. Barbara Ann

    If you see something in my blog you would like to make, go ahead. It would be great if you were to email me a picture of it.