Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing with Colors

On Point Kansas Star

This is from my 30 May 2010 post. When I made it, I liked it but I wasn't smitten by it. The background pattern competes with the on-point Kansas Star Diamonds.

Both Elsie and Judy left comments as to how I could improve it.

Elsie asked, what if I lighten the background pattern?

The diamonds definitely stand out now this is much better.

What if I increase the contrast by changing the color of the backround pattern?

I think that the light purple works nicely.

Judy asked, what if I add color to the diamonds?

I am going to extend the light purple bands so that they look like they continue behind the diamonds.

It didn't work as I expected. But I'm not giving up on this idea.

What if I use a darker purple inside the diamonds?

The diamonds are more interesting now and they have more structure than before.

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