Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What if I start with this tessellating shape, can I create an interesting tessellated pattern?

What if I put 4 of them together rotated?

Does this pinwheel tessellate?

When I put 4 of the pinwheels together, I find that  a single shape repeats to fill the space. So this is a tessellation.

What if I make 2 color versions of the pinwheel shape - one with a dark red center and one with a light red center?

What if I combine 12 of each pinwheel to make a quilt top?

I can still see the 2 versions of the pinwheel, if I work at it. But if I don't work at it, everything blends together into a pleasant but not too interesting texture.

What if I make 2 color versions of the pinwheel - one red and one brown?

What if I combine 12 of each to make a quilt top?

This is much more interesting.

What if I finish it by placing the tessellated pattern I've created on a plain brown background?

I am pleased with the result. This would make a wonderful bed quilt.

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