Saturday, June 5, 2010

Playing with Colors

Wonky Kansas Star

Yesterday I was playing with a wonky Kansas Star and I produced this pattern.

I wasn't totally satisfied with the colors; so today I thought I'd explore the colors a little more.

What if I make the red lighter and the golds yellower?

I prefer these colors. I'm not saying they're better. I'm saying they are more my kind of colors.

I wonder if too much is happening all at once in this pattern.

What if I add some dark red into the diamond shapes between the circles?

I like this. It has structure and a focus.

This is an earlier version from yesterday with very different colors.

What if I try changing colors starting with this?

What if I get rid of all the background white?

What if I make the diamond shapes between the circles light green?

What if I use light violets for the background?

What if I tone down the blue and add more green?

What if I change the background to dark purples?

I think this is quite dramatic.

For more ideas using Kansas Star blocks go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Kansas Star.


  1. What agreat quilt this would make. I love the 1st colourway - so graphic. Do you actually make any quilts or are they all virtual?

  2. Chris

    I do sew quilts. My blog is a sketchbook; so I only post quilt ideas. I'm hoping my ideas will give you ideas.

    You can see some of my quilts if you go to my website (the link is above my photo at the top of the page), click on Patterns, and then go to the gallery for each pattern.