Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing With Colors

Log Cabin

The last time (28 May 2010) I changed the colors in a Log Cabin block I played with spirals. Today I want to play with squares.

What if I start by making squares inside squares inside squares?

I like this. However, it is about color and little else. There is no motion and there are no surprises.

What if I place 2 black squares into a Log Cabin block and offset the larger one?

This has more variety; but it is still more about the colors than about the pattern.

What if I use a traditional Log Cabin block with a dark/light diagonal split and insert 2 black squares that are offset?

This first setting results in the Log Cabin blocks forming diamonds and the squares forming clumps of squares.

This second setting results in the log cabin blocks forming diagonal stripes with the black squares dancing along on top of the dark stripes.

Both of these Log Cabin settings work. I expect others would as well. The black squares in all settings add another level of interest to the quilt.

For more Log Cabin explorations go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Log Cabin.

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