Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Crow's Foot

When I first saw this block referred to as Crow's Foot, I was surprised. I'd always thought of it as Bear's Paw.

But the block most often called Bear's Paw is this. So I've had to revise my thinking.

What if I use the Crow's Foot block to create these 2 new blocks?

What if I create a checkerboard pattern using the 2 new blocks?

It's hard to see any pattern at all. This reads as texture. Only by looking really hard can I see a series of X's and O's.

What if I color the X's green and leave the O's brown?

I can see the checkerboard pattern now.

What if I tone down the contrast by replacing the white with light colors?

This has the autumnal feel of fallen leaves to me.

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