Saturday, October 9, 2010


Which-a-ma-call-it Quilt

I want to design a quilt using which-a-ma-call-its from my 2 October 2010 post.

I'll start with this large design in the center.
What if I add circles in the corners?

This feels a bit big and out of proportion to me.
What if I replace the circles with smaller ovals?

There is still a lot of space to fill.
What if I fill the space with more doodads from my which-a-ma-call-it post?

This feels like a collection of uncoordinated items to me.
What if I start over using the same design as I did initially? This time I'll turn it on its side and repeat it.

This fills the space nicely but still needs a little something.
What if I add some very small doodads?

I think this does the trick. And there is plenty of room for some interesting quilting.

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