Friday, October 29, 2010


King's Crown

I developed the original idea for this quilt top in my 15 December 2009 post. Then on 15 August 2010 I added sashing to it. Now I'm going to add a border.
What if I repeat the edge of the design and place it slightly apart?

I like this as a start; however, to me it feels too narrow to be a proper border.

What if I double up on the repeat?

This feels right to me.
What if I fill the gaps with a neutral black?

I like it but it feels a bit weak.
What if I replace the blck with red?

Same problem.
What if I create a red picket fence in the border?

This works. I'm wondering if there isn't a little too much red?
What if I replace the red with the neutral black again?

This works too.

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