Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Balkan Puzzle

I'll start with a Balkan Puzzle block and I'll color it using purples.
What if I repeat the Balkan Puzzle block leaving room for sashing?

What if I insert triangles into the sashing that line up with the blocks?
What if each block and its associated sashing is a different color?

What if I change the background to black?
What if I change the triangles in the sashing to trapezoids?
Instead, what if I change the background color of each Balkan Puzzle block?

What if I change the coloring of the Balkan Puzzle blocks so that they are more like the original?

Although there is nothing terribly wrong with any of these designs, none of them appeals to me all that much.

What if I admit I'm having an off day and decide to try this again some other day?

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