Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wonky Balkan Puzzle

This 20" block is derived from a Wonky Balkan Puzzle block and comes to us direct from my 7 October 2010 post.

What if I try coloring it differently?
What if I emphasize the strange looking pinwheel and mute everything else?
What if I add some reds and pinks to go with the red-brown of the pinwheel?
What if I replace the blue-grey background with black and grey?
What if I replace the grey with light pink?
What if I repeat the block 4 times?

I think this is quite dramatic. I also think it is starting to look floral.
What if I play up the floral aspects by replacing the background black with greens?
What if I replace the greens with sunshine yellows?

This floral pattern is starting to get into loud Hawaiian shirt territory. But I like it.

This is amazingly different from the block I started out with.

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  1. I like the end result! I guess it pays to doodle and color.

  2. Marj

    When I started to play with this block I did not hold out a lot of hope for it. I was majorly surprised and most pleased with what turned up. So yes it does pay to doodle and color.

  3. Wayne,

    This started as an abstract, and finished in Hawaii .... great transformation!

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    It started out as an abstract and it still is. It gives the impression of being a flower, especially at a distance, but if you look at it carefully it is obviously not one.

    As for ending up in Hawaii; all I can say is it snowed here a couple of days ago and a guy is allowed to day dream once in a while.