Friday, October 22, 2010


Ohio Star & Sawtooth Star

When I designed this on 17 October 2010, I was pleased. Looking at it now I can see it needs more punch. So I'm going to play with the colors.
What if I put more emphasis on the center by coloring some of the squares green?

This works too well; the diamonds have lost some of their importance.
What if I lose the lighter green squares?

I like this better.  However, the border is lifeless and flat.

What if I color the small diamonds in the border dark green?

The border is better; but I'm still not entirely satisfied with the center.
What if I darken the diamonds so that they stand out more?
What if I slightly darken the browns in the Sawtooth Stars?

This helps tie the central image together.
What if I also use the darker brown for the Sawtooth Star in the very center?

I lose the star in the center but the diamonds near the center are better defined.
What if I use the darker brown around the outside border?

I am happy with this it is much more lively and interesting than it was to start with.

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