Monday, April 12, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet:

Connaught Heavy Shadow

This alphabet has a history. It's not a terribly exciting history.  But it's not a long one either. So bear with me. On 4 January 2010 I introduced you to my Patchwork alphabet. On 11 January I modified it and it became Connaught. On 18 January I modified Connaught and it became Beltline. I'm going to modify Connaught one more time; this time I'm going to add a shadow.

The Connaught alphabet is constructed on a 3 x 6 grid.  The letter H is straightforward and looks like this.
What if I add a shadow that is one grid unit wide?

What if the shadow falls on a 45 degree angle?

The grid is now 4 x 7.
How am I going to piece this letter?

What if I divide it vertically into 4 strip units?

Like the letter H itself, this piecing is simple and straightforward.
A nice feature of this alphabet is that letter spacing is not a problem. The letters butt against each other and the shadows provide the spacing.

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  1. I like the shadow effect. Hadn't thought about letters and shadows, but it could make a very interesting border. You could make the shadow rotate around the quilt.

  2. Marj

    I have used a shadow alphabet as the border of an I-Spy quilt. It worked quite well.

    A border alphabet has to be square so that the border is the same width all the way around. So this alphabet wouldn't work.

    I've never thought of rotating the shadow. That sounds like it would create a wonderful effect. Great idea.

  3. Thank you for having visited my blog. I´m sure I´ll learn a lot about design here.

  4. Bia

    Thank you for visiting my blog too.