Monday, April 19, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet:


A week ago, on 12 April 2010, I showed you an alphabet that had a shadow. Today I want to show you one that is only shadow.

What if I start with this P?

It is constructed on a 7 x 10 grid.
What if I add a shadow to the P that is 1 grid unit wide and that falls on a 45 degree angle?

The letter grid is now 8 x 11.
 What if I take the letter away?

All that remains is the shadow.  A thin sliver of shadow at the top right helps give definition to that part of the P.  It is stitched not pieced.
What if I start piecing the P by dividing it into 4 vertical units?
What if I then divide those vertical units horizontally?

Part of one of the vertical seams, shown in blue, is unnecessary.

I foresee no sewing problems for this letter.
The letters of this alphabet can butt up against each other without any spacers and remain readable because of the shadows.  In fact butting these letters up makes them more readable.

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