Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playing with Tessellation

I am going to start with these 2 simple blocks and see if I can produce a tessellation. (If you need a reminder, I explain tessellation in my 17 April 2010 post.)

What if I take 2 of each block, rotate them and combine them to make a pinwheel?

What if I repeat the pinwheel block 4 times to make a larger block?

The pinwheel is not as obvious but the tessellation becomes very obvious.

What if I combine 4 of the pinwheel blocks, but this time, instead of repeating them, I rotate them?

I get a super-pinwheel and a very interesting tessellating pattern.

What if I combine 4 of the super-pinwheels?

I get many more than 4 repeats of the tessellating pattern.

This is a lot like the patterns you get using a Snail's Trail block.

This doesn't have to be done in black and white. I think a scrappy combination of lights and darks would be a great idea.

For more tessellations go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Tessellation


  1. Another interesting one, Wayne. For some reason, it reminds me of Hunter's Star... there are elements in both that are similar. Now if someone would figure out how to make life happen so it will be long enough to make all the quilt ideas... or use up all that stash! Grin.

  2. Elsie

    Not being familiar with Hunter's Star I looked it up on the internet. It's a good looking block. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

  3. I really like this bock and the designs it makes!