Friday, April 23, 2010

Playing with Piecing


I thought it might be fun to try piecing a Toucan. It has a very distinctive beak that is almost impossibly big. And it comes in wild tropical colors.
What if I begin by dividing my Toucan drawing into separate head, body and tail sections?
What if I then divide each of these sections into smaller sections as shown by the blue lines?

These sections are then divided into individual pieces as shown by the black lines.
What if I stitch the eye with black thread?

What if I stitch the vertical line at the edge of the beak with black thread using a satin stitch?

I've shown both of these in purple to distinguish them from the black seam lines.
What if I color the bottom of the beak lighter to distinguish it from the top?
What if I if I haphazardly divide my background pieces into smaller pieces  and construct them from a random assortment of blues and greens?

This creates an impression af sky and leaves.

I am happy with this.

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