Friday, April 16, 2010


Eastern Kingbird

I want to design an Eastern Kingbird block for two reasons.  Its simple black and white coloring should be easy to duplicate.  And its official name, Tyrannus tyrannus, is intriguing (I was going to say cool, but I don't know if cool is still cool.)
What if I start to plan my seam locations by dividing my drawing into 3 horizontal units?

The point were the back and the tail meet the red horizontal dividing line is awkward. Can I fix it?
What if I continue the line of the back down to meet the red line?

This will be simpler to piece and sew.

I also made the tail a little wider because it should be and I don't want nasty letters from birders.
What if I divide up the head section like this?

What if I divide up the body section and provide a branch for the bird to stand on?
What if I divide up the tail section and finish the branch?
When I put it all together I get this.

I need to stitch some feet before I'm finished.

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