Monday, May 24, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet:


Old calligraphy alphabets are often highly ornamental. The letters are drawn heavy and then embellished with thin decorative lines.  They are the inspiration for my Mission alphabet.

This letter, I, mimics calligraphy.

What if I try adding some very simple decoration to it?

What if I stitch a vertical red line and then connect it to the letter with a couple of horizontal lines?

I don't like the way the stiching crosses the base of the I.  But other than that I like it.

What if I reduce the base of the I to accommodate the stitching?

The best way to judge how well this works is to try it together with other letters in a word.

This works. If I didn't already know that the base of the I was small I wouldn't notice it at all.

I am happy with this decorative stitching. But there is no reason it couldn't be made even more ornamental.

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