Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Wonky Shoo Fly Block

This wonky Shoo Fly block is from my 4 April 2010 post.
In an even earlier post, 22 January 2010, I developed quilting for a regular Shoo Fly block. What if I apply that quilting to the wonky block?

What if I take 4 of the wonky Shoo Fly block and try 4 different arrangements, so I can compare how the quilting works?

The quilting works except that there's not enough of it. There's too much unquilted white space.

What if I fill some of that space with echo quilting?

The 4 variations are much more interesting now. The 2nd and 3rd ones are quite regular; the quilting is circles and ellipses. The 1st one is less regular. And the 4th one is quite irregular with a lot of discontinuous lines.

What if I connect those lines in this manner?

What appeals to me about this is that I've never seen quilting quite like it before. Which is not to say it is good or bad; but it is unique and takes some getting used to.

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