Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Point

King's Crown

I want to design an on point quilt.

What if I start with a King's Crown block and turn it on point?

What if I make a second block with the colors reversed?

What if I combine 2 of each block to make this unit?

What if I combine 4 of the units to form a closed loop?

I need to fit this into a square.

What if I add the first on point block to each of the 4 corners?

I've got a square.

The center of this is ideal for some elegant quilting.

What if I add the second on point block to the center of the pattern?

There is still a lot of room for quilting; but the quilting will be less important to the overall design than in the previous design.

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  1. I love the negative space, it is something I neglect to think about. Glad you showed possibilities.

  2. Marj

    Thanks for pointing out the negative shapes. I wasn't even thinking about them all that much; I was focused more on the idea that these would be ideal spaces for quilting. But there is no question that negative shapes can add a great deal to a quilt design.

    When I look at the final design from a distance it reminds me of lace, or the bedspreads and tablecloths that my grandmother used to crochet.