Sunday, May 23, 2010


You can't be a quilter and not do some quilting. Still, the truth is, I've always been more comfortable designing piecing than quilting. But quilting won't become easier unless I do more of it. So it's time I spent some time trying to design stand-alone quilting.

What if I start with a simple stitched shape like this?

 What if I combine 4 of them to give me leaves on a stem?

 What if I place 4 stems around a circle?

 This pattern has some potential. 

What if I repeat this pattern 4 times to form a diamond shape?

This nice, simple, and plain.

What if I repeat the diamond shape by stitching a second one on top of the first but slightly offset?

This is definitely ornate. But, since it is made by repeating a simple pattern it should be simple to sew even though it looks complicated.

What if one of the diamond shapes is a different color?

The light grey looks as if it is the shadow cast by the black diamond shape.

I like all 3 versions of this pattern.

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