Thursday, July 8, 2010


Double Crested Cormorant

I wanted to piece a picture of a Cormorant standing on a rock and sunning its wings.

I started to draw on a grid but it's hard to tell what is actually happening until it's colored in.

So I colored it in.

Whoa, what was I thinking? The neck and head are off to one side. The wings are pointy like bat wings.

What if I center the head and flatten the wing tops? What if I add a tail to one side so that one leg shows?

The neck and wings are better. But this looks like a one legged bird. And who ever saw a rock with square corners?

What if I center the tail and show both legs in dark grey?

What if I expand the rock?

When I take out the seam lines I find that I have a reasonable facsimile of a Cormorant.

I still think it could do with some fine tuning.

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