Friday, July 16, 2010


Log Cabin

This Log Cabin quilt top comes to us courtesy of my 24 June 2010 post.

I think it needs borders. What if I make them using Log Cabin Blocks as well?

What if I tie the loose ends together in the border?

This adds to the pattern but it doesn't provide a border.

What if I remove the black from the log cabin blocks and replace it with more of the browns already in the block?

I have a border but it feels a bit wishy-washy.

What if I put the black back and remove the light browns?

The border is stronger and the colors work together better, except for the yellow squares in the border which are a little too bold.

What if I tone down the yellow in the border by replacing it with a brown?

I like how this looks. The design and the border have elements in common but each has its own distinct personality.

For more Log Cabin designs go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Log Cabin.


  1. I love the "what ifs" and am working at being more imaginative... thank you! I like this log cabin too... as with almost everything you post. Keep it up!

  2. Elsie

    I'm glad you sometimes like my posts.

    I never work at being imaginative,or inventive; I play at it. Quilting is a hobby; I want to keep it fun

  3. Wayne,

    I like it!

    And I like your reply to the fisrt comment .... even if quilting becomes a full time job playing with design still needs to be fun.

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    I agree.

    As I see it, designing is all about being curious. What happens if I try this? What happens when I do that?

    And curious is just another word for being nosey about a whole lot of things. I can't imagine being nosey as ever turning into work.

  5. "Sometimes" isn't the right word... I "always" like your posts -- sometimes my to-do list is too long so I don't take the time to comment and tell you so!

  6. Elsie

    I was trying to be modest. I'm trying to keep my head from swelling and my having to buy a larger hat that I can't afford. If you find something to criticize from time to time that would be helpful too.