Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm going to play with this ninepatch unit to see if I can make it tessellate.

What if I place 4 units with their white squares together in the center of a block and then combine 4 blocks?

Two shapes are used to fill the space so this is not a tessellation.

What if I use color to join a square to the wheel-like shape that surrounds it?

I think that this qualifies as a kind of tessellation.

What if I start again and place a different corner of the ninepatch unit in the center of the block?

This isn't a tessellation either.

What if I alter the original ninepatch unit slightly?

Now a single shape is repeated to fill the space and I have a tessellation.

What if I start again with the original ninepatch unit and alternate white and black squares at the center of the block? This time I'll combine 6 blocks and rotate them to make a pattern.

This doesn't tessellate but I like the pattern so I don't care

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