Saturday, July 24, 2010


Friendship Star

This is the center of the quilt I designed yesterday. It consists of 4 blocks repeated. Each of those blocks is made from 4 Friendship Star blocks rotated.

I want to see what happens to the pattern when I change the location of the three colors.

What if I keep the green star but switch the brown and beige?

I get 4 X's instead of 4 O's.  If I expand this pattern and the one above they are identical except at the edges. The beige pinwheels are the background to a brown/green lattice.

What if I go back to the original pattern and switch the brown and green?

I get O's again; but this time the O's feature brown stars instead of brown pinwheels.

What if I keep the brown star and switch the green and beige?

I get X's again. If I expand this pattern and the one above they are identical.

What if I make the stars beige?

I get beige stars against a background of brown and green pinwheels.

What if I switch the brown and green?

This is virtually the same pattern as above.

What did I learn?  Two things. First, by changing how a pattern is colored I can change the pattern ; but not always. Second, color has a greater impact than pattern; at first glance all of these patterns look similar because they use the same colors.

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