Saturday, August 21, 2010


Ohio Star

This quilt design appeared in my 19 August 2010 post. It needs borders.

What if I repeat the design in black and white to make a border?


What if I replace the black in the border with grays?  I'll do it a little at a time and compare the results.







I prefer the last 4 to the first 3. I'm torn between #4 and #7. The question is which is better? Or do you think one of the others is better? Or should I try again with something entirely different?

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  1. #4 is my favorite because the black helps my eye stay on the center. I so enjoy your posts and your what if questions are helping me explore with my own projects.

  2. Terry

    Thanks for your comment. I'm torn because I think the black adds life to the border in #4, but I think the gray in #7 is calmer and lets me focus on the basic design. I can't decide which effect will work better in a full size quilt.

    I'm glad to hear you've caught the "what if" bug.

  3. Mmm, I like both too, and for the same reasons. Why not make both of them!

  4. I like #4. I think it needs the black to tie it all together.

  5. Elsie

    One thing I like about both of them is the fact that there's not a straight line separating the border from the quilt. The two intermingle.

  6. Vivian

    The black certainly does tie the border back into the quilt design. At the same time it provides a second design element.

  7. Yes I'm liking no 4 as well Wayne but the more I look at them I'm being drawn to no 5 - very tricky business this; colour and detail.

  8. Glynis

    The difference between 4 and 5 is fairly subtle. I expect the best way to make the decision is to make samples. But that's work.