Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off-Center Quilt

Shoo Fly

This 54" x 66" lap quilt design is made using 6" Shoo Fly blocks.

It's definitely different.  Can I make it work?

What if I fill in the spaces with brown on white Shoo Fly blocks?

This doesn't work. There's too much white. It breaks everything into little pieces; it's like looking at an out of focus image.

What if I place the design on a brown checkerboard?

The colors work, and the way the blocks link up works; but the pattern no longer amuses me.

What if I try a different pattern based on concentric circles?

I think this pattern is too large for a quilt this size.

What if I try concentric squares?

I think this is a little too rigid.

What if I addd connectors between the squares?

The pattern no longer "reads"; it needs more contrast.

What if I lighten the browns in the Shoo Fly blocks?

I get a maze that I like.

What if I lighten the checkerboard browns instead?

I get a maze that I like.

This desperately needs a border.

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  1. I can see that last one as a scrappy quilt .... lights for the background of the Shoo Fly, mediums for the rest, and darks for the checkerboard.
    Add a scrappy border between two narrow dark borders!

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    Doing this as a scrappy quilt is a good idea.

    It would mean being very careful about choosing darks and lights, It would be very easy to lose the pattern if contrast isn't maintained.