Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Point

Kansas Star

This on point Kansas Star comes from my 16 May 2010 post. I'm going to play with it again to see if I can create a different quilt top.

What if I start by placing blocks randomly and see what pops up?

The first thing that popped up was this. I see hearts at either end and as negative shapes in the center.

What if I color this red and pink because of the hearts?

This is good.

What if I color the negative heart shapes in the center pink?

To much pink for me. It was lacy, now it's not.

What if I add a border of red and pink diamonds?

These diamonds are not in scale with the rest of the quilt top. They are too big; they are not delicate.

What if I try smaller diamonds?

I'm satisfied. This looks right to me.

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