Sunday, August 15, 2010


King's Crown

When I repeat a King's Crown block I get a pattern that is pleasant but not very exciting.

What if I put sashing between the blocks?

What if I try black sashing?

The black is overpowering; it draws too much attention to itself and detracts from the pattern.

What if I change the sashing from black to grays and vary the color of the King's Crown blocks?

The blocks stand out now, so this is better. However I find this a bit busy; it needs calming down.

What if I replace the white in each block with a light tint of the block color?

This is easier on the eyes.

What if I replace the grays in the sashing with dark browns?

This works. Because the King's Crown blocks now vary in color they are strong enough to overpower the dark sashing.

I would still like this to be more exciting.

In my very first post, 15 December 2009, I developed this version of a King's Crown block. When some of them are rotated, 16 of them make this pattern.

What if I try adding sashing between the blocks?

What if I use gray sashing and place colored squares in the corners where the blocks meet?

This changes the pattern dramatically and I like it.

What if, next to the colored corner squares in the sashing, I add dark gray squares?

I like this change too.

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