Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off-Center Quilt

Friendship Star

I want to use 6" Friendship Stars to make a 36" x 48" quilt.

What if I create a rectangular box of blue Friendship Stars?

What if I create a smaller box of red Friendship stars, but instead of centering it I nestle it into the upper right corner?

What if I try to create more interest by adding one more star?

What if I change the white background to black? I'll change the magenta star to yellow as well.

What if I go back to the original design and connect the blue Friendship Stars with a band of dark blue?

What if I forget about the band?

What if I put dark blue squares in 2 opposite corners of the blue Friendship Stars and then rotate the blocks?

What if I put dark red squares in 2 opposite corners of the red Friendship Stars and rotate the blocks?

I think this makes an interesting small quilt with lots of room to showcase quilting.

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