Monday, August 30, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet


The Queensland F is constructed on a 3 x 7 grid. In appearance the Queensland alphabet is a cross between a block letter style and a simple calligraphy letter style.

The F divides readily into 3 vertical strips, which makes piecing easy.

I'll use the word FEAST to test how well the F suits the rest of the alphabet.

The F fits right in.

You would expect the upper left corner of the F to be cut at an angle like the E and the other letters. However, the square corner prevents the upper case F from looking like a lower case f.

The letters in FEAST are spaced 1 unit apart. This spacing works for EAS but not for F and T. They are slightly separated from the rest of the letters.

If I bring the F and T in half a unit then the spacing works nicely.

If I do lettering that is 7" tall this works.

If I do 3 1/2" high lettering, the letter strokes are 1/2" wide and the spacers on either side of the A are 1/2" wide. But the spacers for the F and T are 1/4" wide. This can be done but it would mean that the 1/4" seams on the back would have to overlap.

If I eliminate the space between the F and E and the S and T, the piecing becomes easier and the spacing still works, though not as well. There is a little too much space now between the E and A. I could correct this by sewing my scant 1/4" seams in this location a little too scant, with the result that the E and A would be closer together..

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