Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ohio Star

This Ohio Star quilt is colorful but I think it needs something more.

What if I try adding some sashing?

What if I add 3 stripes, 1 white and 2 black, both vertically and horizontally between the blocks? 

This is good but it feels incomplete around the edges.

What if I add a stripe of black sashing to finish off each of the edge blocks?

This works well to display all the different Ohio Star blocks.

What if instead of stripes I use sashing with alternating black and white squares?

I find this sashing too bold. Instead of framing the Ohio Star blocks it competes with them and overpowers them.

What if I replace the black squares with beige ones?

This is better. Now the Ohio Star blocks are overpowering the sashing and taking center stage.

What if I switch the white and beige squares?

Looking at this and the last two attempts I've come to realize that the squares in the sashing are too large to be sashing. The previous two attempts look like Ohio Star and Nine Patch blocks intermixed.

For more explorations using Ohio Star blocks go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Ohio Star.


  1. I much prefer the 1st version - blck highlights everything doesn't it especially brights.

  2. Chris

    I prefer the first one too.

    I think its interesting how in the first version the black adds to the Ohio Star blocks by highlighting them, while in the second version the black detracts from the stars by competing with them.