Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off-center Quilt

Sawtooth Star

I want to design a 72" x 96" quilt top using 6" Sawtooth Stars.

What if I create a series of boxes that nest in the top right corner? I'll start with dark purple stars on the outside and transition to light purple in the center.

What if I color the background to each star using the next lighter color of purple?

I find this very pleasant.

What if I nest the boxes in different corners?

This is not as pleasing a the last one.

What if I separate each box from the previous box by 1 row on the top and right, and by 2 rows on the bottom and left?

What if I fill the space between boxes with checkerboard squares?

What if I try a new color scheme too?

What if I change the color scheme to browns and red?

This is more subdued, much calmer.

What if I change the color scheme again? This time I'll try mint greens and white.

This is more subtle. The pattern shift takes back seat to the color shift.

I haven't decided which design I like best.  I'm torn between 2, 5 and 6.  They all have something I like. Any suggestions as to which is best?

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