Saturday, August 28, 2010


Friendship Star Quilt

Yesterday I decided I liked this quilt design. It is a combination of piecing and applique.

Today I decided I'm not totally happy with the colors. I'd like to tweak them.

What if I make the background a light green?

This is softer than the white.

What if I make the light green slightly darker?

This is warmer.

What if I color the milk chocolate Friendship Stars so that they are now dark chocolate?

This emphasizes the original pieced pattern and creates a definite border.

What if I lighten the background again?

I get a little more contrast but less warmth.

What if I make the background pink?

These are not my colors; but that's not necessarily bad.

What if I make the background light orange?

Interesting and pleasant.

What if I make the background a light brown?

This looks a lot like the orange. Which shouldn't have surprised me as the brown is an orange brown.

What if I color the background black?

Black makes the colors appear more saturated.

I'm tempted to try white again; but a lot of my quilts have white backgrounds and I want to do something different.

Okay, I give up. Which one is best?

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  1. Too many choices, Wayne!

    I think I like the dark chocolate with the darker green background, but the orange/brown looks good too. And black background always looks stunning.

    Judy B

  2. Anne

    Black often makes other colors deeper and richer. However, I'm wondering if I shouldn't lighten the other colors a bit so that the quilt looks less somber?

  3. Judy

    I'm beginning to think it's a question of where the quilt will be going. What will look best with the decor of the room will determine how the quilt should be colored. Unfortunately I have no destination in mind.

  4. I really like the first design with the white background. It's the one that caught my eye the most. I think it highlights the red, orange and green more than any of the other variations.

  5. Victoria

    The white background also provides the greatest contrast. Which is probably why the red orange and green stand out.

    If you like strong contrasts, and I do, then the white background with a dark chocolate border is the way to go.