Thursday, September 2, 2010

Amish Star #5


Amish Star Quilt

This quilt design is from yesterday it is based on an Amish Star block.

Today I want to see if I can find borders for it.

What if I create a border using Amish Star blocks?

This is too busy; the border detracts from the quilt.

What if I make the border less busy by darkening the centers of the Amish Star blocks?

This is too dark, too heavy; the border dominates the quilt.

What if I use only part of the Amish Star blocks, connect them with a plain accent border and then add a background border?

This creates a silhouette that frames the design and contrasts with it. It works nicely. This is a keeper.

What if I return to the second version and tone it down?

The border is less dominant than before but it doesn't really suit the quilt design.

What if I tone it down even more?

This is much better suited but somewhat wishy-washy.

What if I replace the outside edge of the sashing with an accent border?

I like this; it is simple yet effective. This makes an attractive bed quilt. I think I'll put it on my to do list.

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