Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonky Block

Jacob's Ladder

When I change the grid on a Jacob's Ladder block I get a wonky Jacob's Ladder block.

I'm going to play with this by asking what if over and over. Maybe I'll find something I like.

Today was a great day. I liked everything I found. Well almost. But I'm not showing you those.

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  1. These kinds of blocks fascinate me. They are similar to the designs by Jackie Robinson. I made a quilt of hers that was all log cabin blocks, but they were pieced logs and gave curved effects like this. It's truly amazing the designs this can "stretching" some of the components of the blocks. Very cool.

  2. Wow!
    Love them all!
    All that twisting and turning is just what I love doing with blocks tocreate new designs.

  3. Mama Pea

    Except for the butterflies, these all have a retro feel to me. They make me think of 40's and 50's cross stiching. Or rather, what I think cross stitching must have been like in the 40's and 50's.

  4. Judy

    It's all about teaching old blocks new dances. Although I must admit the twist isn't all that new any more.

  5. I liked all the variations; the butterflies were my favorite. Who knew you could get so many variations out that block just by making it a bit wonky? Well, you did! Thanks!

  6. Terry

    When I start playing with a block I never know all the variations I'll find. However, I'm always hopeful that there'll be something good.

  7. Wayne,

    I don't even like to admit that I remember twisting the night away at a beach party!

    Judy B