Monday, September 13, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet:


My inspiration for this alphabet is bent sheet metal.  The letters are designed to look as if they were formed from sheet metal that has been bent and welded.

Because the vertical strokes of the m are pointed, they need to finish slightly below the base grid line. If they were on the line the m would appear to be floating above the line and it would look short.

For someone who is comfortable with inset seams, the m can be pieced this way.

If inset seams are a problem, it can be pieced using 45 degree connector corners.

Because the letters are dark one side and light the other it is sometimes possible to crowd them up against each other without losing readability.

This doesn't always work. Mat is one of the words this doesn't work well for. The m and a are clear enough but the a and t tend to blend together.

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