Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tessellated Quilt

Yesterday I decided I liked this tessellated quilt pattern. Today I'm going to try coloring it different ways.









So tell me, what do you think? Which of these works best and which works least? Do you have any thoughts on how to improve any of them?

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  1. 4,6&7
    love all three for completely different reasons!
    I think 4 is my favorite...

  2. Victoria

    Because 4 features a different color in each block, I see it as a way to use up bits and pieces of left-over fabrics from the stash.

  3. Wayne,

    I like the last two. The others are too harsh, too busy, and there is too much contrast in some ..... I think my aversion to solids is showing though. Fabric prints would soften all the designs and maybe I would like diferetn ones then.

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    I like contrast. Better too much than too little. Too little is like mumbling; you are never sure what's being said.

    I design using solid colors but I seldom sew that way. I like mottled fabrics. Variety in a fabric's color creates life in a quilt.

  5. #6 held my attention the longest. Of course the fabrics will make a difference. By the way, your book is in the Barnes & Noble in Spokane, WA. Nice to see it there!

  6. Elsie

    #6 has a lot of depth. The silver is in the foreground. Behind that is a large O formed by the light reds. Behind that are the dark reds. And way at the back behind everything is the black.