Saturday, September 4, 2010


Contrary Wife

I was playing with the colors in a Contrary Wife block 31 July 2010 to see how it affected the pattern when I created this design.

Today I want to add sashing and see what affect that has.

But first I've decided to change the colors one more time. (Isn't it amazing how quickly tastes change.)

What if I put black sashing between the Contrary Wife blocks?

I like this. But I wonder if it might be a little too dark?

What if I change the sashing to light green but leave black corner squares?

Wow, that lightened things up more than I expected, or wanted.

What if I break up the light green sashing so that the middle third of each strip is black?

This is slightly less light and a lot more lively.

What if I change the light green parts of the sashing to dark green?

I'm happy with how the pattern is working now. But I'm still wondering about the colors.

What if I trade in the black for a pale yellow?

I don't know if these colors are better or not; but I do know they have greatly changed the pattern.

I can't decide what to try next, so I'll call it a day.

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